Join Tom McCook for the second part of his exclusive Mentorship Program for Pilates educators and instructors-in-training!

The second part of Tom's Mentorship Program is designed to help you further cultivate your skills, abilities, and knowledge to help you build confidence as a pilates educator and instructor.

Committed to helping you grow as an pilates instructor and educator Tom delivers a value packed course to help you build your educator and instructor toolbox.

This is the second 4-part series in the Mentorship Program. Sessions include a centering warm up, an embodiment lesson, a movement/teaching concept related to Mat-based practices, and a Q & A to round out each session. Suggested practice in between sessions is also included.

Topics covered:

1.    Core activation series

2.    How to teach and upgrade biomechanics of the hips, pelvis and spine using the Franklin Method

3.    Refined understanding to perform & teach flexion and extension exercises

4.    Biomechanics of the pelvis, legs and feet in footwork with small props, lunging, squatting

5.    Shoulder girdle and rotation of the spine biomechanics and embodiment: Corrective exercises for the shoulder girdle and spine

6.    Franklin ball exercises for the feet, pelvis, hip flexors & lower spine

Tom's style of teaching is an integration of his 35+ year journey and long-time study, practice and teaching of Pilates, Franklin Method, Somatics, Life Coaching, CoreAlign, Yoga, Body Therapy, Fitness Training and Meditation. Also, running a successful studio, Center of Balance, since 1997 with his co-owner and lovely wife Karen deMoor where they offer both in-person and live virtual classes. Tom shares what he believes is most relevant to support you in effectively helping others to move well and take care of their health and resilience.

What You Get:

  • Access to recorded series for 8 weeks
  • Class Handouts
  • Coaching questions and homework

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Your Instructor: Tom McCook

ACE, NCPT, Balanced Body Master Instructor and Mentor, Franklin Method Level 3 Educator, Certified Somatic Coach

Tom McCook, Founder and Director of Center of Balance in Mountain View, CA, is an internationally-recognized Pilates Master Teacher and movement specialist. Beginning in 1984, Tom designs programs for health and life performance for a range of clients, from Silicon Valley executives and Olympic athletes, to active seniors and people looking for solutions to their imbalances and injuries.

Tom’s mission is to improve people’s lives through movement! He teaches a practical and accessible way to understand your own body and then apply it to your movement practice. These skills go beyond exercise to cultivate health, body wisdom, and being responsive and resilient in life.

Tom's unique teaching approach synthesizes over 35 years of fitness training, Pilates, body therapy, Somatic Coaching, the Franklin Method, Anatomy in Motion and meditation. His fascination with movement began at an early age playing sports and growing up in a large athletic family with 11 siblings. His long and successful history working with athletes include the Stanford women's swim team and four Olympic Gold medal swimmers.

Tom has been leading teacher trainings in the Pilates Method since 2001. He is on the faculty of Balanced Body for Pilates, CoreAlign and the Bodhi Suspension System. Tom is also a sought-after international presenter and mentor.

Tom lives on the coast outside of San Francisco with his wife and business partner, Karen deMoor.

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