Course Description

Join Tom McCook for this informative and energizing Master Class to learn fabulous tools and practices for a youthful spine and effortless posture for life! In this 1 hour and 45 minute Master Class you will learn a practical understanding of the design and function of the spine and how to care for it on a daily basis. You'll learn self-massage techniques to release tension to align and organize the spine prior to more demanding conditioning exercises. You'll learn what good posture means and how to make gravity your friend. We'll combine the Franklin Method and Pilates Mat with corrective exercises targeting key areas for postural balance, spine health, and balanced conditioning for life. Come join us for an inspiring movement, learning experience!

Equipment / Props Needed: 4” Franklin balls or similar, and Theraband ( 6ft or more)

This Master Class is appropriate for anyone with some movement experience.

What You Get:

  • Class plan
  • Access to the recorded class for 14 days. 
  • Full-body Franklin Method and Pilates Mat Class

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